Friday, August 14, 2009


Once again, the ipod quit my run halfway through when i resumed after the pause to get a drink. It's kind of annoying that you can't combine the runs or edit them (I understand people would cheat- they Already do) but I mean if your run is paused right at the end and then you resumed the run within one minute, which happened to be 9:22, then it's pretty obvious you did the run "all at once" instead of two separate runs, separated by a minute.... Anyway that's just a minor grievance that I have with the nike+ software, no big deal. The run was difficult yet again. The nice thing was at least I had some tree cover from time to time. Had I waited just a half hour there would have been none and I probably would have had to take that second water break like I did yesterday morning. I don't particularly like doing morning and night runs, but I know I would be struggling even more if I tried to get it in all at once, so this seems the best option for now. I don't want to wake up expecting a bad run everday, that would hurt my morale after a while.

8:56 amSunny75° F Sunny 97%H calm
22:54+22:30 = 45:24 6.62m bf 1638

The later run started off pretty bad actually. I went to the soccer complex, which has some construction on it right now, and so the path has a little detour around it. That was no problem other than hoping I wouldn't crack my ankle on some unseen pothole or rock that was unearthed from all the loose dirt around. The real problem I just had a hard time getting the engine started so to speak. After a quick water stop at 20 minutes, I immediately felt better and the rest of the run was pretty much cake.

9:03 pmMostly Clear76° F Mostly Clear
35:10 5.02m bf 1643

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