Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Not exactly an easy run this morning. The first loop was pretty bad and I barely made it around, humidity was really high and I think that hurt a little. Second was better, after a good rest to get my HR back down and keep my pulse from thumping my neck around. I think I was ready to get that one over with so I could jump in the pool. Did a few laps, but was pretty worn out so nothing really special.
9:30amMostly Cloudy75° F Mostly Cloudy 75° F 84%H From ENE 3 mph
44:08 6.43m bf 1611

Awesome run tonight. It rained really hard with some lightning, then cleared up just before sunset. By the time I hit the road it was already dark. The humidity was high but the air was as cool as it's been in weeks. A light fog was rising up from the pavement and was pretty neat to run through. After the first 20 minutes I felt great and didn't take a water break. The second loop was much the same, still no need for water. Then I started increasing pace and doing some accels and turned the run into a fartlek. This felt even better and for once I could go fast without worrying about my heart blowing up. I never did need that water break. So this run was definitely a good sign that fitness is lying there beneath all the hot and humid conditions. Great run, wish I could do 10 more just like it right now.
8:40 pmPartly Cloudy74° F Night 85%H From NNW 2 mph
1:09:20 10.34m bf 1621

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