Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Only took one water stop tonight which was good. I waited until the sun was pretty much down to start the run and that helped tremendously, although I hate doing that because the later it gets, the higher the chances of making the excuse of it being too late. The only bad part about the run was the humidity, I was completely dripping when I got back, I think it was even worse than during the heat of the day on Sunday morning. Other than that I added a couple accelerations. I had originally thought I might work in some speed work, but I think I need to wait a week or two just to get my legs back under me first, just finishing the run at this point is an accomplishment.

8:30 pmMostly Cloudy77° F Mostly Cloudy 84%H From NNW 1 mph
1:10:02 10.03m bf 1605

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