Monday, August 3, 2009


I'm really going to miss swimming after my runs come winter time. Feels great. I'm not that great of a swimmer, only swam about a lap and half before my arms got tired, so no triathlons on the horizon for me. Quads were a bit sore today.

1:00:16, 8.75. 80º 61%H bf 1543


Sheila said...

I remember when I could only swim a lap or two without stopping to take a break. And only about 4 before I considered my swim workout "done". Just like people who can only run a mile with great difficulty, there is a cure for this. ;)

(I am doing my 2nd triathlon in 2 weeks...never thought I would do them...the swimming definitely put me off them at one time...)

Ron said...

I really do have a greater respect for triathletes after my short little swims. I know I could get better at swimming if I were part of a gym, but I don't know if I would because running itself takes so much dedication. Gosh then I'd still have to get a bike and hop and that... as I said, great respect for that sport.

Good luck at your second triathlon Sheila! Are you doing a full or sprint? (is that even how they are categorized??)