Monday, August 24, 2009


Doubled today, morning run was hot but not too bad and later on was cool. There was a nice breeze all day and that made the runs enjoyable other than the shin pain. Last 15 minutes of the later run it was pretty painful, probably the worst that it's been. Icing it as I type and we'll see how it feels in the morning. I still don't plan on cutting back because it feels like a muscle pain rather than something serious. I don't know if that makes any sense, but as before if something is hurt it's hurt and there's no changing it at this point so I might as well push through it. I'd rather find out now than take a few weeks off and the pain is still there. It's a fickle issue with me at this point. I'm on the line between anger, and am nearly crossing over to frustration, but can't really see the losing hope line.

10:00 amSunny71°F Sunny 71°F 70% From NNE 6 mph
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Tony said...

if you have an opportunity to cross train do so. I was in the same situation a while ago and for weeks it hurt. I decided to jump in the pool at my gym for 2 weeks and alternating with spinning classes. When I went back to running my shins didn't hurt and I didn't lose any conditioning. Hope it feels better.

Ron said...

thanks Tony, I pretty much took your advice, but I don't cross train so I just took the time off. It helped and I'm back on track, I don't think I lost very much fitness and things seem to be back on track again.