Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ran out to neverending hill and did that twice. Hilariously I was thinking 4-5 reps but after the first one I pretty much knew that wasn't going to happen. It was also 80º and I had no hydration, so after the second one I just went back home. Could have ran a little longer but I think it was plenty for today.

Been having some pain in my forefoot for a few weeks. I stepped on a rock a while back while running and so just beneath my toe joint is some bruised tissue. Unfortunately it won't go away, but the good side is it doesn't hurt while running. Not a big deal but after not running for a week I thought it might have subsided a bit. Either way things are going pretty good, still not 100% sure about the Dogwood Mile, I'll probably just sign up the day of the race if I decide to do it.

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