Monday, April 12, 2010


First day back to running after a long break is usually pretty tough but this wasn't too bad. I took care of Veronica for a little bit while Mom went out to find some baby stuff, so it was a good trade and I got to go for a run when she got back home. Breathing was okay, legs were great. Second half of the run was very nice and I felt like the tin man who just got some oil.

Things have been hectic but not because of the baby, it's because of all the visitors! Finally this week we have her to ourselves and so we aren't obligated to stay around and visit anyone and be on their schedule. I did the Dogwood Art Festival too, so that was an all day thing and by the time I got home I was exhausted and felt bad to run because I hadn't seen my baby all day. I drew a ton of people though, so it was well worth it and I can finally relax this week.

Everyone says to get sleep while we can, but it's really not that bad. Veronica hardly cries, and when she does it's only for a minute. Actually last night mom fed her and I didn't even know it, I slept through the first one and only got up for a minute to check on her the second time because the alarm was going off. She is funny and never wakes up, just sleeps all day long. I tried putting a cold washcloth on her and nothing, dripped some on her head, nothing, poked, prodded, etc. and she just keeps right on sleeping. It's not really a good thing because she'll go five or six hours without eating and then be starving. Anyway things are going really well and I should be back on track this week as far as running goes.

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