Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Rained yesterday so I moved the workout to today. I was hoping to do more, but I decided on 1200,800 and 2 400's, but that didn't work out so much. Once I got about 600 meters into the first rep I knew things were going downhill fast and my legs were already getting tired. Really struggled even through that one, and it felt slow. I was kind of amazed to see the time, 15 seconds faster than last week and that pretty much explained it. Throat was super dry, probably need to hydrate more earlier on because just water wasn't cutting it.

Took equal rest then tried to run the next 800. Same thing, legs just felt tired and breathing was hard almost immediately. Struggled and pushed through making a deal with myself if I really kicked the last 200 I would just be done, so I went ahead and did that. Ran 2 mile cooldown with 100m sprints the last mile. Even on the cooldown I was breathing hard so I'm glad I didn't do anything else. The other thing was the race is Friday so I didn't want to do too much today, just kind of get a little taste for the race.

1200 (1:17,1:21, 1:21 ) 3:59 equal recover
800 (1:17.2, 1:18.7) 2:36

fasttwitch 196


brooks running said...

1200 (1:17,1:21, 1:21 ) 3:59 equal recover
800 (1:17.2, 1:18.7) 2:36

great record!!!

قمة الامتياز said...
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