Tuesday, April 6, 2010


86º 14mph wind but you couldn't have kept me from getting out there today. Track work is just downright fun. Nothing like hitting the oval and seeing what kind of speed you can muster up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did indeed have some turnover when I asked my legs for it, so today was a success in that respect.

Didn't even really notice it was hot once I got going, and drinking and resting after each repeat helped a lot. The plan in my head was a few 800's, maybe three if I could handle it, which I really didn't see happening. Started off into the wind so I wouldn't have to finish running into it. First few were like a tempo pace, fast but controlled. Third one I pushed a little and the legs got a bit tired. Last one I was the same, but I really accelerated the last 200 meters. For the first track workout of the year I'm super-psyched.

I met one of my old co-workers who coaches and teaches at the middle school. We talked forever, then after my workout I met another guy who officials meets at UT and helps take care of the middle school track. So I spent more time chatting than running, but I didn't care it was good to meet people and see and old friend. Very happy with today's workout and with a baby on the way tomorrow I'm elated.

.5 mile warmup + drills
4x800's w/400m recoveries

1.25 mile active recovery
400m @ 1:11
mile cooldown

fasttwitch 187

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