Thursday, April 15, 2010


800 @2:43, 1200 @4:15, 1200 @4:15, 800 @2:38, 2x400 @1:13, 1:11.0. half mile warmup, mile cooldown and full walking recovery between reps.

Planned to do a 1600 inbetween, but my legs were already tired so I decided turnover was more important than cardio and cut it. Really nice day to run, not too hot and hardly any wind so that made things a lot easier than last time.

I ran these within my comfort zone(for speedwork that is), but I still feel like I'm missing a gear. It isn't that surprising since it's the second speed session of the year, things just aren't running on all cylinders yet. I plan to continue adding reps up to the 10k race and hopefully speed drills as well because I've been slacking on those. As far as the mile race goes I may be close to where I was last year. It's hard to compare the workouts because last year i just did 400's. I did 2 workouts first @ 67,71,70,69 and the second @77, 77, 77, 75 w/400m recovery. The second was pretty windy so times were slower. If anything I've got a little more speed endurance, but then I look at the week after which was 3x1200 @4:16, 4:10, 4:04. So basically next Tuesday I'll try to repeat that and see what happens, hopefully adding in more reps than last year - try to tack on a few 800's and 400's.

1200 @4:15
1200 @4:15
800 @2:38
2x400 @1:13, 1:11.0
fasttwitch 192

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