Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Back on the roads tonight after a very long interlude. I've really had a hard time keeping myself motivated. In case some of you don't know my wife is pregnant!! She is a few months along now and so things are getting crazy. I'm just trying to make things as good as possible and hold it together. Tomorrow I have a job interview so we'll see how that goes. It deals with computers so that's like my middle name and I am really hoping it will work out. That will definitely help with the bills, erm doctor bills that is. The last one, wait, three that we got were 400, 400, 1200 and that was from a single week. Yeah, we have insurance but they won't cover the costs because April switched it over from her old job and guess what - there is a 10 month "waiting" period for maternity bills. So yeah we're screwed if she has the baby early.

So you can see why I've taken over a week off, trying to prioritize and find a way to keep my life going. Tonight I made it back outside. I've had constant headaches and have just been feeling so lame without running it was the best to just get out and run. Even better is that it's cool outside now. Couldn't have been more than 60 degrees and it's been that way all this week, sheer torture. I have a festival this Friday and Saturday and I'm hoping to get early runs on those days. Fortunately it's not 2 hours away so I think I can pull it off.

So if you don't hear from me again I apologize. I will try to keep training and posting, and I still plan on racing in November regardless of my fitness. Tonight was great despite [8] days off! I was doing some serious fartlek sprints at the end and you'll notice my max hr below. This next few months is going to be tough, but I'm hoping and praying that things will work. Happy Running!

60º 50%H
1:14:01 10.70m bf 1910
HR - ahr165 mhr197

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