Saturday, August 16, 2008


the olympics!!!!!!!

Things are going ok here. I did not get an art position again this year, which sucks, but I think it may be the best thing right now. I am just working on my art currently, finishing the mural I started a loooong time ago, then starting up the business.

It's been great having time off to watch the olympics and I even got to visit my family last week, which wouldn't have happened. I'll also be able to be in my sister's wedding, and go to my cousin Chris' wedding in about a month. Michael Phelps is kicking some major butt. If he wins tomorrow he'll have the record for most gold's in an olympics and that is just insane. I'd settle for a single bronze, let alone that many gold. But that is why he is so great.

But more importantly the women's marathon is tomorrow!!! It snuck up so fast, luckily I read the schedule and saw it on there. It is supposed to be live and I am going to be glued to the tv if it is. Deena Kastor should win in my opinion, but I don't really know the other countries runners that well. Paula Radcliffe is out with a --- i don't remember anymore, but i believe she had a fracture of some sort. Been a while since that happened. I kind of would have liked to see her run, but I guess that gives Deena a really good start.

Not sure when the men's is, but it should be soon. Lagat is in the 1500 and his prelim didn't look that great today. He may have just been conserving though- when I watched him at the trials he looked really good.

So anyway I'm just having fun painting and watching the olympics. Wish I was competing, but hey maybe one day I'll make the trials, you never know. Speaking of being able to run my hip bone thing is still hurting if I press on it. Yeah, still. Sucks so bad. But the good thing is I can move without pain. I'm so itchy though. I wear my running shorts and shoes around the house and think about where I would be running. Only a matter of time then I'll be back at it. I can't wait.

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