Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ok so sorry for not updating, but I really didn't want to seem like I was complaining. The hip "injury" had just gone on too long and I was tired of feeling beat up everyday. So I decided to wait until it was fully healed to start running again. Week after week it has remained, not to my satisfaction. I really wanted to get a full summer of running in.

So now it is finally to the point where it is almost healed. I am still waiting though as there is still tenderness unfortunately. My goal is to start again running by September. That will give me 7 months to complete a....FULL marathon. Oh yes you read it right. I think training for the half isn't giving myself enough credit. I plan to do speedwork once a week and just increase miles instead of trying to get all the speedwork done at the end. I think that will let me see improvments and feel what is like to run faster as the weeks go on. I think that will help psychologically just to know that I've been going fast and not have to feel like it all has to be done at the end.

So that's the story. I have been doing core work, and swimming recently, so I'm not totally out of shape. The hip is just an unfortunate area where even swimming could be damaging and that was the last thing I wanted. Once I come back I'll be stronger than ever and ready for some new personal records.

Hope you all have had a great summer.


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