Sunday, August 24, 2008

putting coals in the fire

I feel a lot like a steam locomotive right now. All I need to do is just stock up my engine with coal and it's gonna get me moving pretty quick. The hip is doing great!!! Tonight I was going to go a little longer, but my ipod died on me before I even started. I left it in the car yesterday and the heat must have shot the battery. So only a little over two miles, but it was good. When I got home, it was back to the jump rope for the same 4x100 sets I have been doing.

I was having a hard time on that second set though, I had to restart quite a few times. After that I did two sets of crunches. My abs were sore this morning from yesterdays all out sittups, but by tonight there was no soreness. I'm really trying to keep my goal in sight, which is to run sub 2:45 marathon. I think I could have ran right around 3:00 a few months ago, but I know that I will be able to in a matter of months if I train right. My basic philosophy is more speed, longer long runs, and easier rest days. With those three things in place, this train will be cruising in no time.


Ann said...

See now all you need is one of those striped engineer hats

Ron said...

ha! I actually have one of those. I kept it from when I was a kid.

But I don't think it fits anymore :)