Wednesday, August 27, 2008


These past two days have kind of been zombie mode. I got sideswiped when April's work needed help. I am not working now, so I'll take extra money wherever I can get it and decided to go to in to work. So Monday all I did was stuff envelopes. There are 72 stacks each with about 100 envelopes in them. It's pretty simple, you grab this and that, hit it on the table to make it straight, put it in, zip the sticky strip, flip over and do the next one. I did this all day. They had someone helping me, and between the two of us we got about forty of these done on Monday. The other person was faster than me, so I'd say I did at least 18-20 myself out of the 43. So basically you become a machine and have to listen to the other machines that are sorting, shifting, printing, etc. It gets pretty boring.

So the next day I brought my ipod and listened to music. This made it go a hundred times faster, and by noon I had gotten the stack of 30 down to 3, with a little help again. My shoulders and arms were pretty achy after this. So after lunch I finished then worked feeding fliers on this belt thing. It was my responsibility to turn it off if something went wrong, meanwhile feeding a few, but not TOO many fliers, and getting more ready from the boxes behind me. yeah i toally jacked it up the first time. But I didn't mess up again. I felt terrible that the woman had to fix the machine and redo some, so I was straight from then on. After that it was another job where you grab 10 of 50,000 (literally) little info packets, rubber band them and place them a certain way. After an hour of that my fingers were raw from the band slipping along them. And that was probably the worst, but at least we got to watch tv.

So yeah, not too excited about it, but hey it's some extra cash so whatever. Mural biz will be going veeery soon. I've nearly completed the one in our house, and I'm going to use it as advertisement for postcards and things like that. So obviously getting home at 6 then eating after a day of monotony leaves absolutely no motivation. Plus on top it has been storming these past three days. I know excuses, but when I get in zombie mode things just don't happen. Ok enough rambling, I'll update when I have something more positive to post.

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