Saturday, August 23, 2008

A little disappointed

I know it's not right, but I am a little disappointed by our finished in 9th/10th. But then again I'm not the one running sub 5 minute miles for 26.2 in the heat and humidity of China, so what do I know.

Ritz ran really well and actually surpassed Ryan. I wasn't expecting that, but he wasn't too far behind at the trials, so it's not a big surprise. The biggest surprise was a 2:06 finish in that heat!!! I guess the Kenyan who won, Winsiru, was trained in Japan which has similar conditions.

So it's over. Another FOUR years, and maybe next time Ryan and Dathan are going for the team I'll be behind them, waaaay behind them, struggling.

anyway as for the workout today. Jump rope 100x4 twice alternating steps and normal jumping, with anchored sittups inbetween. My left quad is kind of sore so I didn't do anything tonight (plus I had to watch the marathon during my usual running time) I think it was well worth it though

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