Friday, June 12, 2009


It wasn't too bad out today. The first loop I caught clouds and the second the sun really came down, but I felt good. The third loop was tough and about halfway through that one I knew I was almost spent for the day. I really feel inconsistent lately so I'm thinking I need to write some stuff down. Other than this blog, which is basically just a log/journal I normally keep a barebones schedule laying around. I haven't gotten around to filling one out yet, but I was thinking before I know it fall races will be here, training has to start now (at least in the base sense). There's something about having a schedule, no matter how rough, that keeps you extra accountable. I hate filling in zeros.

4:45pm. home. 83º 60%H 6mph
1:02:41(9.35) bf 1436

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