Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Great run today. Not a cloud in the sky and it was sunny and beautiful. Took a water break after each loop because it was really hot because of the direct. I ended up having to take a water break about every three miles, or every loop around the block. It worked well, but was still a pretty good effort at the end to stay on pace and finish the run.

Actually had some words of encouragement from a woman in the neighborhood. She said I have inspired a lot of people around here with my running, and it's true I've seen a couple more people walking and running than I normally do. She has been doing water aerobics because she cannot run quite yet. I encouraged her to keep at it, but it was really cool to hear that from a relative stranger. I've waved at her a few times, but never really talked. It really felt good.

6:15pm. home. 89º
1:04:00 (9.51) bf 1466

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