Friday, June 26, 2009


I feel like I'm hanging by the skin of my teeth lately when it comes to running. Each day is a battle to get out the door, and the runs aren't exactly easy like they were when it was cooler outside. For instance today during my run I had to stop twice for water and a little recovery, and about halfway through the last loop I really had to stay positive and think about the old "one foot in front of the other" 4-feet running theme song just to make it. Still each time I go out there and do that I feel better about it, but apparently not enough to do it everyday.

Still working hard. I've got lots of caricatures to work on, and April has a new printer so she can print all kinds of things. It's not just a photo printer, it's a deluxe printer that can print large format things, print on vellum, etc. and it has 4 drawers that can hold about 350 sheets of paper. So yeah, it's not simply a new printer you can just by from the store, it cost a pretty penny, but she needs it to get her business going.

Tomorrow we are going to Splash Country near Pigeon Forge. We are going with April's sister and her boyfriend and I think it will be a lot of fun. Not sure how it will affect running, but at this point I guess any reason is acceptable to put a zero in the calendar.

92° F 51% From W4 mph
1:05:05 (9.60) bf 1475


Gina Harris said...

I know how you feel. I struggle to run during the warmer months. It's so much easier when it's cooler. Keep persevering!

reachdown said...

Keep hanging in there! I'm struggling a bit, too. I just keep going out the door early in the mornings.

Ron said...

thanks gina and reachdown. I think everyone has a little slump sometimes, and then the heat just becomes a good excuse :P fortunately i seem to be coming out it.

I'll do my best, thanks so much for both of your encouraging words, I really needed it!