Monday, June 22, 2009


So today was a great run through the neighborhood. After the major storms today, which blew over have the plants on our front porch, it was clear and beautiful. It also wasn't too hot because the rain had cooled things down slighty, so just above 80 degrees wasn't too bad. I felt really good the first two loops and the last one struggled just a bit, but still felt really good.

I like that my legs feel great. When I was running a lot of miles they always felt tight and honestly I was probably running too much, but that's the sort of thing I risk I guess. Running is a sort of all or nothing for me. If I'm going to do something, I do it all the way and taking days off or whatever is to risky with my mindset. I'm kind of in that place now, where I've taken so many days off I'm kind of that brink of not running, but I'm hanging in there and I think things will turn around soon.

Well it's been a rough couple weeks. Not bad rough, just different rough because so many things are happening right now. Lots of life changes with jobs and just getting used to new schedules. April is getting her business going. We have an office now and so we are getting things together for that. It's just hard getting used to her being home now, because she did work most of the day before and now she gets to hang with me. There is also talk of maybe getting a teaching position, but it's still up in the air. There are just so many things going on right now it's been difficult to feel motivated to run with so much else on the plate. Soon I should have a new normal and get back on my usual running track.

5:30pm. home. 82º 71% 4mph
1:04:00 (9.41) bf 1457

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