Sunday, March 14, 2010


Spring forward is a great thing, no doubt about it, but not so much when you are two weeks out from a marathon. I'm used to waking up, eating, and running at certain times and it all gets out of order all at once. Today was a struggle to catch up with the lag. That and the fact it was rainy really threw me off.

Regardless I made my way relunctantly to the treadmill and hopped on. Things actually went well despite how I was feeling and much of this run was at or slightly around 9.0 mph. I probably should have taken it a bit easier, but every time I run fast on the treadmill the time seems to go by so much faster compared to a comfortable pace.

I'm also happy about the time change though. I love being able to run either before or after dinner, and running later always reminds me of summer runs when the sun is setting, shirts are optional, and all is warm and happy.

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