Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last day of March but the start of a new season of running for me and I've found the Neverending Hill to top it off. Here is a little ditty I wrote for today, it's starts off complainy but only so you can appreciate the photos I posted of my new running area. I'll post one here too but the rest are @dailymile.

Everyday I run the same home loop. 3 miles with 10+ cul-de-sacs, cookie cutter houses that are all the same, ugly pugs that try to bite me and the rest of the yappy ones who bark EVERY single time I pass by, and all of it blocked in by a curvy busy main road that has no edges to run on. Essentially marooned in suburbia. The same old monotonous loop everyday for at least 3 times for over two years now. Sure I can drive elsewhere, but driving defeats the purpose of running and I hate wasting time. You can understand then my excitement for finding ANYwhere new to run that is close enough to get to without my car. Although it wasn't easy and involved crossing the main road, running right next to cars on the innerstate, and off-roading a little bit through a marsh, it was totally worth the trouble.

Probably one of the best runs I can remember since high school. The area wasn't so exciting once I actually was out there a while, but still, there is a nice long sidewalk to run down and a pretty serious hill, okay mountain to run to the top of. Seriously I was going up that and immediately dubbed it The Neverending Hill, because the thing just kept going up. But really the only bad part was that I am kinda sore from the marathon or I'd probably still be out there running.

I went pretty far, but there was who knows how much sidewalk left to explore when I turned around about 4 miles in, and the best part was I didn't even touch my neighborhood route! I even saw some deer off in the woods! I was like 50 feet from them. So much better than being barked at by yippy little dogs. Pretty pumped that I now how have the choice to ignore that.

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