Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knoxville Group Training Run - 1st Half

Every year I forget just how hard the first half of the course is. And each year I get reminded with a beating to the legs. The course is rolling hills, but with two really nice inclines at 7 and around 11 that really put a smackdown on any hope of freshness in the legs. Despite that this run went well enough, and fortunately all the rain cleared out just for us in the morning so we had sun!

I got in a group of about 4 other people and we ran together the entire time. One was running the full, about my pace, and the other three were running the 5k or half. One guy Keith was shooting for a 1:20, so we had a group really close to my pace range. By 13 miles I was wanting to stop, but Keith wanted to go farther and I didn't mind so three of us kept going and ended up with 16 miles. I don't know the pace because none of us had GPS and of course my ipod crapped out. My legs were very worn after this one, but cardio I didn't really feel like I was pushing anything. This was one of those inbetween runs, I didn't feel good at any point, but I never felt bad, and it was tough at times, but not really a hard effort.

I'm about a heartbeat away from getting a Garmin. Ipod said it had no battery power and turned itself off mid-run, even though it was on the charger all night and had full power this morning. I'm sick of complaining about it, anyone have a Garmin they don't want? lol.

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