Thursday, September 24, 2009


April work's at the Bride's Lounge until 7 and I wanted to eat dinner with her so I got out late tonight. I could have ran before, but that usually ends up in disaster due to the heat and getting things ready since I wanted to cook for her. It worked out well although there was a point where I was going to just say forget it. I sent out a tweet and made a deal with myself that if anyone supported me to run, that I would run without question. Well it turns out that someone else was going for a night run, so that pretty much dismantled that excuse and I headed out the door. I said easy run at the beginning, but it was a bit hard to stay on pace tonight, so I put it into the moderate zone. My breathing wasn't great and the muscles were a bit tired.

8:56pm 80º 88%H
1:12:20 10.61 bf 1897

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