Friday, September 4, 2009


Easy effort run tonight. Legs are still pretty sore. I'm not sure if that's from tuesday still or from the hills yesterday. Either way it made for a slow start to tonights run. I just felt like I had no power, barely able to get the knees into the air, it felt like I was shuffling. But after a quick water break on the first loop I felt a lot better. It was hotter since I got out earlier and now the sun was hiding behind houses and trees, so that made for a much better running environment and I didn't need another water break for the next two and a quarter loops. The shin didn't really cause any fuss tonight, and the pain I felt when I physically pushed on the area seems to have dissipated, so that is good but I'm still kind of wary.

Tomorrow is caricaturing. I'm debating driving the hour back home or just getting a motel somewhere close by since I am also drawing Sunday. I guess I will decide depending on how tomorrow goes. I'm kind of wanting to stay at least one night so I can run somewhere new, but an hour drive isn't really too bad I suppose. Like I said I will just figure it out tomorrow. So if you don't hear from me for the next few days, it's because I'll be in Cleveland, TN. Okay I already am posting this late enough, and I'm worn out, have a good weekend.
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