Sunday, September 6, 2009


Long weekend, and it's not really over yet because tomorrow is labor day so i have one more day of drawing left. Today was a washout with a huge rainstorm lasting about 6-7 hours in the morning so there were no people at the festival. Later on it cleared up, but only a few people showed. I drove back home again, and I'm glad tomorrow will be last two nearly 2 hour trips I'll have to make for this festival. I would have got a hotel nearby, but it was 20 minutes to the hotel and another 40 bucks, so I just figured I might as well drive another hour and sleep in my own bed. It's just a lot of driving, you do what you have to do. So hopefully tomorrow things look up and there are a ton of people that show up.

Running was on hold yesterday, I was exhuasted when I got home and couldn't muster the will to get out the door. Today I got more rest and knew what to expect so that kind of helped and when I got home from the long day and driving trips, I was ready to get a run in pretty quickly before the tiredness hit me. Decent run. The shin was bothering me a bit at first, and my stomach was kind of upset as well, but eventually both wore off and I felt pretty good running in the dark. It's amazing how cool it felt outside, until I came in after the run and went back out. 70 degrees is pretty darn warm for a "cool" run :)

1:12:02 10.31 bf 1760

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