Monday, June 16, 2008


9:30a. 74d. 3miles. BF 271
8:25p. 84d. 4miles. BF 275
Hurts to lean over and do anything to the side. Good old hip bursitis. I suppose the good news is it didn't hurt during the run today. That doesn't make leaning down to pick anything up fun, but at least it's something. Hot run later on. I ate mexican with April and my mouth and throat were on fire. Hip felt better, especially if I work on running tall and really keeping my hips tucked in. So that is good news. The bad news was only 4 miles, but I don't want to push too hard just yet so meh.

Almost forgot I also worked out before i ran tonight, which kind of lowered the prospects. basketball 20 minutes.
70 lbs 3x12 leg extensions
130-150-170-190 x12 sitting squat
70 lb 10x2 deltoid pull downs
70 lb 10x3 shoulder raises
ab crunches 90lbs 10x2, twisting abs 30lbs 10x2

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