Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Okay now that summer is finally here I've really taken advantage of my time off.

The computer is built. I am very happy with it. The only problem is that I'm using Vista now and it comes with differences. Not really problems, but they become problems until you figure out what the heck is going on. Well that's not really my fault. The only problem that I can't seem to fix is the front headphone jack. For some reason it isn't working. I could solve this easily by buying a sound card- but honestly speakers work just fine and I already spent enough to build the thing- over 700, but If I were to buy a computer with these specs it would easily be 1100-1200$. So yeah I'm happy. The biggest difference is that my CPU isn't screaming anymore. It used to be at 100% all the time, which I thought was normal. Now that I have two, they both run at 40-50% and everything loads/saves twice as fast.

So that was a lot of fun and at times frustrating. I attempted to overclock the computer which was a failure originally as I had no idea what I was doing. But I believe if I tried again it would work better. There were some fundamental elements I certainly hadn't grasped. The past few days I've just been transferring all my info from the other computer to the new one. The oversight was that now I have two computers - I had hoped to use the old one, but now it doesn't seem like that will happen. It can't even double as a dvd player as there is no sound input on my tv for computers, oh wells.

So this is a running blog. Ha, kind of got off track. Okay well obviously I've had fun this past week, but I also had some fun yesterday too. Not so much running, but lifting. It was intimidating at first, with all the guys walking around with their chests out and glancing down at their biceps, but after I hopped on the first machine and did a few reps I was right at home. I normally lifted twice a day in high school- even and especially during cross country season. Most people thought I was a wrestler because of my build, but I would just smile and say "cross-country". That doesn't happen anymore. Now most people ask me if I'm hungry.

So I started off with some legs and just kind of did a bit of everything (I was getting used to the machines). This is how the day went down:
leg extensions 3 sets x10 @90lbs.
standing bicep dumbells 3x10 @18
incline benchpress 1x10 @45, @65, @75, then back down
seated squat press 3x10 @ 130,150, and 170
shoulder press 3x10 @70
calf raises 3x10-15 @125
lower back reverse push 3x10 @85

So yeah, I am utterly sore. But I'll be back for more tomorrow.

The last thing I want to write here is that I am feeling great. The time off has really helped my body recover. I have no pains anywhere. Toes are fine, toenails are nearly regrown to normal, hip bursitis has disappeared, and the legs don't feel heavy or tight. So now that I'm recovered its time to get back out on the road faster and stronger.

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