Friday, June 20, 2008


9am. 72d. 8miles. BF 304
Ran smart this morning and conserved all energy for the hill trips. Actually ran farther than my normal 2 loops so I got 8 miles in! My farthest run since time off. I really needed it too. This morning conditions were great though. Really light cloud cover with the sun barely poking through made for a bright, but cool day. There was also a light breeze which felt good and made you feel like you were going faster than what you probably were. Hip seems to be fine as long as I keep everything straight so I'm not too worried about it for right now. I must have been favoring my right side or something, but I seem to be correcting it. Heck it could have even happened during basketball or stretching there is just no real way of knowing.

8pm 75d. 7miles. BF 311
Looked like rain, but it only sprinkled a few times. Pretty cool around 75 degrees without the sun though. Hip was acting up, but nothing really painful, just that nagging. I think it might be all the right turns I take, I may start running the opposite way for turns (i can't normally because traffic would come up behind me and I wouldn't be able to see them)

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