Monday, June 23, 2008


8:10a. 74d. 6miles. BF 333
Nice easy morning run. HH just once because I though I would go eight, but it wasn't in the books for me. It's frigging amazing how much going the opposite way on turns has helped. It's almost like my hip was never hurt. Maybe it's just getting better-still a little sore when i push it, but I'm pretty sure changing that one thing did it. Might go to the gym tonight, but I'm doing well running, so maybe run then gym; we'll see.

8:40p. 78d. 8miles. BF 341
8 miles tonight in a surreal environment. Well for the most part. There were huge nimbus clouds above that were carrying a storm behind them. It was fun to watch them change color from white to red then dark, each time I came around the loop at the complex. The contrast was awesome. A clear blue sky with a few clouds, then a huge upburst of puffy whites and underneath all that in the distance I could see the sheets of rain falling on the mountains under dark blue storm clouds. Occasionally I would even see a few flashes of lighting. It made the run interesting and relaxing at the same time. I kept wondering if the storm would head my way, but it never did.
It also helped that this was a late run and I ran until almost 10. Cool weather made it seem like I was CHEATING! I hardly felt like I had ran a mile other than my legs were getting sore, mostly in the shins. A good run.

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