Thursday, June 19, 2008


8:45a. 70d. 6miles. BF 294
What can I say about this run....remember all the awesomeness of yesterdays, well this was the complete opposite. I felt like I had never ran a mile in my whole life. Ready to quit by 3 and just struggled to finish this one out. The good news?...I stuck it out and got it done. Two reasons - heat/thirst and two trips up the HH. The HH is not to be taken lightly folks, especially when you're trying to get back to running 10 milers. I miss the "easy 10".

8:00p. 80d. 2miles. BF 296
Bad lunch decision and worse dinner- a entire milkshake was just about the worst thing ever. NEVER AGAIN ...before a run! Stomach just sloshed around and ended up hurting so badly I slogged (slowjog??) the whole 2.5 miles. UGH. Very disappointed, but hey I'll never do it again so lesson learned right.

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