Wednesday, June 25, 2008


8:30a. 70d. 6miles. GM 440
Got some good sleep last night. Today is April and I's anniversary, 3 years! She got me running shorts, haha. I am getting her gift this afternoon and surprising her. Nothing big really, but it's a secret. Miles went by fast enough this morning. Wore different shoes which helped the sore calf. Running the opposite way of opposite now, so back to normal. Haha, turn left right hip hurt, turn right left calf- which to choose, which to choose? Cooler this morning and although I sweat my heart out it was a nice moderate effort.

8:30p. 82d. 6miles. GM 446
Was going to run at the soccer complex, forgot my ipod and turned around. I got a new monitor today and I had moved it to a drawer. What can I say, out of sight out of mind. Run went well, but left calf is killing me. Big toe joints along the inside of the foot hurt, but not when running for some reason. Other than that this one felt good, especially after the sun went down.

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