Monday, June 23, 2008


Okay this is how it goes- you can buy cotton socks like 8 pack for $10. That will do you fine, but if you're a runner your feet will suffer the consequences. EVEN IF they seem like a good deal, they are not. They are the worst kind of socks in my humble opinion. So what to do? We'll I've been lucky enough to find a few pairs of nike socks that have worked well. But there are many kinds and you can get shafted with a pair that say "dri-fit" or whatever when really they are 70% cotton.

Up until I started running for serious back in October, I was wearing cotton socks half the time, and suffered giant blisters and all kinds of other toe problems. Since October I purchased another pair of "technical" socks, much like the nike dri-fit (good kind) giving me a total of 3 pairs of good socks which are mostly acrylic/nylon. This has severely reduced the amount of blisters I have, and although I may still get a blister they go away quickly and don't completely obliterate my toenails.

So now that I'm dedicated to running again, I went ahead and bought 10 pairs. The cheapest I have found is $8. A pair. yes I bought $80 dollars worth of socks and it's been totally worth it! Not only do my feet feel great with minimal pain, but I don't have to wear the same socks all the time. When you run 2x a day you obviously can't wear the same pair because even if you don't wash them, they won't be dry (although technicals stay much drier than cotton!). So basically I was rotating 3 pairs of socks on a nearly daily basis, wearing them 2 or 3 times before getting washed just out of necessity. pretty sad.

So yay for me for making my life easier whoohoo!

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