Sunday, February 24, 2008

3 points

We lost our basketball game by only 3 points today. I played my heart out. Multiple 3's, steals, rebounds, jumpballs, assists. I was on my game today. The only thing I didn't do was make all my layups, I missed a key one at the end of the game, and numerous others where I was trying to draw a foul. Oh well, it was a heck of a lot of fun. I was smiling and happy after we lost. It was a great game.

Then home. We were going to go for a run together, but those pesky raindrops started falling. I probably would have went out in it, but the thought of getting sick after the past few weeks I said forget it. Back to the old treadmill. 6 miles felt like a lifetime, but I got them in. Just a steady state run, nothing crazy. 7:36 with the cooldown included in that - which is like 8:00 pace. Had some pizza from subway and watched "bee movie". It was funny. I spit my applejuice back in the cup because I was laughing at joke and couldn't hold it in. Now I'm blogging and about to read some more, then look over the guys running sched for this week. I may just take it to school tomorrow and ponder it while I'm there. I seem to be getting back into the groove of things. One more long long run left, then I cut back and starting getting fast. Yay.

6(7.25)miles. treadmill. Zoom 101

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Ann said...

I am still reading. Haven't forgot you but usually read at work and then forget to comment. Glad you are healthy again. Happy to hear you survived the plauge.