Saturday, February 9, 2008

learning to rest

All the recent drama with sickness and soreness has been rather painful. I absolutely hate not running. It isn't always fun to run, but it just makes you feel good to get out there even if you didn't want to. There is a sense of accomplishment after each run, even if it was a 10 minute per mile pace and a half a mile long. Because the hamstring was tight last night I thought I would run easy today. That turned into me thinking, why should I run easy? There is no real point in stressing the tight tendons any more than they have to be. Do I really Have to run? The answer is a resounding, No. I do not have to run. The benefits here are few and the risks high.

So I took it easy today. I guess this is a recovery week, whether I intended for it or not. I still got 3 consecutive days of double digits, so I know the fitness level won't be dropping. Tonight I also will be doing core exercises, which I have been downplaying as of late. Tomorrow is basketball, and that always surprises me with some sort of malady. So a rest day is good, a rest day is great.

So since I have no run to report, I'll shift the focus to shoes. Although we don't really have bad weather here in TN often, in Ohio it is quite often. So what do you do when you live in an area where cold, ice, and snow are predominant during the winter months? My signs point to the Screw Shoe. Check out here and here. What an ingenious and direct idea. The screw shoe is a definite weapon in the running arsenal. I would actually like to make a pair just to run through a woods or something in and try them out. The greatest part about them is no rocket science degree is needed. Just stop by the hardware store, get your worn out shoes and go to town.

Alright folks I'm outa here. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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