Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the deal

Okay so I figured out one of the problems today. I have been forgetting my ipod lately, and when I did remember it, the thing was dead. So today I had the ducks in a row and took it out. Too bad I forgot to start it till we were halfway down the first mile. So anyway the pace was pretty fast. I think the guys just wanted to get it over with. It was cold and you can't really blame them. I told them from the start I was going to hang back. The right leg didn't have any pulling today, but instead I get the left calf. I CANNOT catch a break. Anyway I looked at the pace afterwards and it was 6:30 or something. The funny thing is I was walking/standing still for who knows how many minutes at the end of that. We were definitely close to 6 I would think. I'll have to remember to stop and start it better next time.

Another workout tomorrow, then Friday and Saturday I'll be at the coaching seminar. Not sure if I'll run Friday night, probably not, but there is a slight chance. I really need to make up some miles and get back to normal form. I guess these things happen when schedule changes happen. I'm still running though, so no big deal. Sunday it is supposed to be rainy, but if the weather men are as accurate as they have been, it'll be nice and I'll be able to get my long run in.

Secondarily I've been doing core work more often. I got some sittups and other ab drills working pretty good, and I plan on getting a routine down soon. I also have been working on sleep. I'd like to get to bed earlier so I can eat a better breakfast and eventually get it to where I can get up early enough to put in 4-5 miles in the morning. I think morning runs will help prepare me for raceday in addition to bulking up the mileage. I had initially planned for Sunday long runs to be in the morning, but since there is church now, that won't be happening. Daily morning runs should take care of it though.

4 miles. 25 degrees, double layer with gloves. Zoom 81

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