Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting closer

6 weeks to train. As of late it has sort of withered, but things like that happen. I'm trying to move on, but it's kind of a one step forward two steps back kind of deal right now. Today I wanted to get on the treadmill, but it just didn't happen. Our basketball game had many things in store for me. First we were down by 30 points. yeah, that's just horrible. Most of it was due to the fact they never missed a three, and we never made a layup. You do the math on that one. I did end up with about 10-12 steals. I am not exaggerating in the least. You can ask my wife on that one, she will tell you the truth. I was demoralizing the other team. They couldn't pass it in my direction or I would either kick it, send it flying, or steal it and run. I brought the team back within 14 by the end of game, we never did make those layups.

Injuries today... Well first i pulled my tricep doing something or other right before the half. I sat for a few minutes and massaged it and finally it didn't feel as bad as when it first happened. It was a charlie horse sort of thing I think, where the muscle tenses up. Kind of wierd spot on the outside of the tricep, it feels fine now. The last play of the game I jammed my middle finger. It swelled up and I put ice on it, but there's not much else you can do. I've had hundreds of them from all my bball days. The good thing is it doesn't affect running. As far as legs go I was perfectly fine. I was flying around a lot and for the most part it was me against 3 guys every trip down the court. So yeah, I did a lot of sprinting today.

Tomorrow I'm going to do my long run. I was going to go to the school, but then I remembered other teachers are having inservice and that might not be the best way to go. I could park at the nearby park, or go somewhere entirely different, like up a pretty busy road that has nice sidewalks along it and visit April when I'm done since she lives along that road. Lots of options. One thing I am going to try that's more important than the where and the how far is getting up early. I would really like to get this run in around 9 a.m. That shouldn't be hard since April has to get up around 7, so I can get up, eat and decide where to go.

So another rest day technically. The reason I didn't run on the tread was due to the fact that I sprinted during bball today as well as the fact that I'd have a long run after working out 10-12 hours before. Probably not the best idea to do that. The other nice thing is that it leaves me the option of running later in the day (slowly).

Yesterday I ran 6 miles after getting back from the seminar. It was quite fast, but very controlled and enjoyable. After that I ran 2 slow miles with April. She wasn't feeling good or we probably would have went a little faster. She seems to be better today though, she ran at the track above the bball courts while the other team had their game. We had went to Dick's Sporting Goods after church and picked up running clothes while we returned her sensor, it said "low battery" and she's only used it 17 miles! That's her 3rd now in 6 months. Mine just happened to say low battery too (but after 1000 miles), so she said I could just use the new one. She doesn't really use it anyway, so I told her if she wanted to start using it again I'd buy her one. Okay enough novels for today. Tomorrow looks to be great, I'm excited about the run.

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