Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a few hills

Normal loop. 3 miles, 1 hill, 3 miles, 2 more hills, and finished at 10 miles. Tonight was crAAZY. It was so windy I almost couldn't breathe. The worst part was running uphills INTO the wind. 24 mph + 8-9 mph is not fun by any means. That's why I could only do 2. I wanted to do maybe one more, but it was just to rough for me. The rest of the run was the same, all the running into the south wind really took a lot out of me.

I cannot believe the 10k is next weekend. It's here already. I wish I had got some more hill workouts in before it, but I suppose it's just a gauge run so it doesn't really matter. Still I want to do well and be prepared. I remember the one I did last summer and it was pretty tough. Mostly I remember just not having "it". The legs just never seemed to respond like I wanted them to. I have two great things going for me this time though. 1- It's not 70 degrees, and 2. More (and probably better) training. So I think I should at least be able to match my last one. It will be 3 months from my last 5k, so I'm excited to see how much I improve on that too.

Last thing to note is my toe is still sore. I tried out the zooms for todays run and there was a lot more stability. I also didn't experience any pain in the forefoot, so I'll try these for a few weeks and see how things go. They are a lot heavier than my other shoes too, so it will be an added weight that will make racing feel lighter and easier hopefully.

10(11)miles. 60 degrees 24mph wind. Zoom 48

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