Thursday, February 14, 2008


Finally I felt like I've been doing something the last 5 months. Tonight was a 6 miler, the farthest we've gone. A group of guys took off in another direction, but I stayed with the main group. Up a hill and an abrupt turnaround at 3 miles. At 3.5 I felt like we were going way too slow. It may have been they were planning to cross, as we eventually had to get to the other side of a relatively busy road. Not real sure, but it felt great to get out in the clear wide open.

Held that pace for a good while before looking over the shoulder and seeing nobody. They must had crossed sometime between the slowdown and then. I saw the place we came from on a little path through a woods, and quickly crossed the street while I had time. Not the funnest thing, but I got it done. Stayed with 2 guys until we got the incline at school. I thought of sprinting it for a hill workout, but I was already pushing most of the run, and it wasn't necessary.

The best part was taking the lead and getting my old stride back. I finally felt free. The legs were turning over just like they have been, but the pace was right there too. Shoes don't seem to be a problem anymore, although I know I could shave plenty of seconds with lighter ones. I'd say these are well between 12-13 ounces, where my Moire's were like 6-8. It adds up, believe me. It's well worth it for the cushion though. It was a great run, average pace on my ipod (yes i remembered to click it this time!) was 6:30.

Tomorrow is the Seminar, so I won't be back until Saturday night. Not sure about running, I will take my gear and see what happens. I just realized that tomorrow would have been my 10k. I guess today was pretty much equal to a race, haha! So taken into consideration I didn't really race, I'd say subtract a few minutes from today (42 something i think) and I'm right around 40 minutes. Have a good weekend readers.

(6.43 @ 42:08)
6.5 miles with cooldown. 47 degrees, little windy. Zoom 87

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