Monday, February 11, 2008

to be a high schooler again

Well tonight was the first track practice. I was nervous, but when I suited up in my running shoes, shorts and t-shirt, the nerves went away and I knew I was in the right place. After the normal talk, where afterwards you ask "are there any questions" it was right to business. A two mile warmup, stretching, and then distance guys had a choice between 2-5 mile run. At first I thought, hey 2 miles isn't too bad. I went back and forth a few times, but when the guys took off for the 5, I instinctively went with them. It was a good feeling knowing that you're coach can run with you. My coach did during cross country. Granted he tried, but he was a lot older and couldn't really keep up with my pace. I didn't look down on him or anyone else though, I remember only running for myself, nobody else really matters when you're out there running. It's you against you.

So we take off and I'm already behind since I waited a few seconds to decide which way. We start off well enough, and get stopped at a traffic light. I tried to stretch. This was by far THE WORST soreness I have felt in a long time. My calves were utterly tight and hams weren't being kind either. Even my shin muscles were tight!! So I stayed in the back of the pack most of the time. One runner, Steve, talked to me during the run for a while. He is a senior and just told me a little bit about who the guys were. Pretty good to talk to someone during the run. Still in agony, going up and down hills. We are going faster than my normal pace, so my aerobic line is taking longer to reach. I can feel my body overworking, but I push on.

Another stoplight and we're in the homestretch. The legs have loosened up a bit, but for the part I think I've just become accustomed to the pain. We reach the school and up a final incline. I'd call this a medium hill workout. If there had a been a few more or one slightly higher I'd say it would qualify as a full hill workout. So I kept up with the pack pretty good considering I was just back from a 2 day rest with basketball yesterday after being sick all last week : ) The legs were just overfilled with lactic acid. I felt like I had just run a mile as fast as possible from the very first step of the run. 5 miles seems pretty lenient to me, but I didn't have my watch. Since we were going at a faster pace than I normally run, I'd say it's a pretty close estimate.

I got to chat with coach Jacobs and it seems the seminar is in fact this weekend during my 10k. So I guess I'll have to count the 20 dollar entry fee as a donation on my taxes. I tried to extract some more info about the seminar and what not, but for the most part I still have no idea what is going on. It'll be fun.

I should have ran a few more miles, but it looks like tomorrow will be treadmill. I may have to bring the old running shoes though, since distance guys still run in the rain ! yahoo!

5miles, 1 mile warmup/cooldown
46 degrees. zoom 72

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