Saturday, February 2, 2008

getting better

Well yesterday's day off seems to have helped a little. I have had congestion in my chest and nose since last Friday, when I was on the ice at Special Olympics all day, literally. I have been able to run with it and only cough maybe one or two times during my runs, so it wasn't a big deal. I figured it would be gone soon, but it kept up so I took a day off yesterday. I am still coughing a bit today, but I feel a lot better and think it is almost gone.

Tonight was a great run. Went out to the complex and it was very nice 50 degree weather. Shorts and t-shirt in fact. That was great, but I decided to run a lot tonight, so once the sun set my arms froze off. I ran well after sundown. That was mostly due to my ipod not being charged, so I had to wait around 20 minutes to get a decent charge. No big deal there really, I forgot to take out my sensor since I didn't run yesterday and I guess that ran it down.

Couldn't have asked for a better run, did the first 7-8 miles just passing people on the normal loop, then figured 8'd and turned around to finish the rest in the opposite direction. By the time I was ending the run there was nobody out there but me. Sweet. Legs felt fine up till 11 miles. My right knee area was tight for the last few miles, and the toe joint was acting up too, but no real pain in it. It kind of feels like a jammed thumb, the same kind of bruised feeling around the joint. Tommorow is my long run. I know today was a half marathon, but honestly I think it's well within my capabilities at this point.

12(13.5)miles. 50-44 degrees. GM 222

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Marcus Grimm said...

Nice run...
Those toe things are annoying. I don't think running makes them worse, but not running would likely make it better.

But who wants to do that? :)