Thursday, January 31, 2008

thanks superbowl

Well it turns out the superbowl is actually good for something. This weekend the bball game was cancelled due to some sort of celebration or party for it. I like football, but the superbowl is always disappointing nowadays. I just get tired of the crappy halftime stuff and all the hype. It's fun maybe in a video game or something where cool animations are something to look forward to, but in real life it's really pointless. Either way I now get to do my long run as scheduled on Sunday.

Right toe still has some pain. I hate saying it's the right toe. It's really the joint where it meets the foot. I'm not sure if there is something seriously wrong or not, but the pain comes and goes. I have been having it for over a month now. I tried looking back to where it started and there is no real cause, I suppose it's just from pounding the pavement for so many miles. It doesn't hurt this very second, but it is tender and feels bruised anytime I try to massage or touch it.

Run tonight was pretty standard. Nothing other than the toe pain for the first mile that I can think of worth mentioning.

8(8.78)miles. 40 degrees. GM 210


Ann said...

Question about your toe? When you push against the skin and rub can you feel little crystal like substances?

Ron said...

I don't think so. Just a general kind of pain that is similar to how it would feel to push a bruise.