Saturday, January 26, 2008

back to business

Well I'd like to say a rest day cured all my ailments. Unfortunately that isn't true. The stitch by my left calf is still there. But it wasn't a complete loss. I felt a lot better today on the run. Not really faster, but just an overall feeling of energy and confidence. It actually started off pretty bad. I skipped stretching last night and I think that made it a lot harder to get going. Once I did things started getting back to normal and feeling good. Ten minute cooldown on the treadmill.

Not much else to say. Spent the day cleaning, April went out. Ran when she got back and then got new cell phones. I don't even know how to use it since it's been 5 years without an upgrade. Then we went to April's parents for dinner and now finally getting home after watching a three hour movie. Not a lot of relax time today, but at least the house is almost cleaned up. I always get more done when things are organized.

8(9)miles. 40 degrees slight wind. GM 164

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