Friday, January 11, 2008


It's odd that this run turned out so smooth. I felt like I was running smoother. I worked on keeping my head up. I have a tendency to look at the ground in front of me while I run which makes my head slightly of out alignment. I noticed this yesterday and worked on it today with good results. The motion was definitely more fluid, but I can also attribute that to recovery. Only a slight twinge in the calf today, but it was hardly noticeable. What I did notice was an increase in strength and in pace, or at least I thought. I was kind of surprised to see a 7:32 when yesterday I felt like I was dragging.

Multiplication. This makes four days in a row of 8's. I really like that. It seems so consistent. Oddly the runs weren't, each day felt completely different. I'm totally loving the embedded graphs though. It cuts out a lot of work for me and looks pretty nice too. While looking for Haile's running form yesterday I found some good background info of his life including interviews with the man himself. Pretty interesting if you want to check it out. There are 3 parts too. Oh just on a side note I forgot the exact number, but I believe he's broken 15 world records, most of those being his own.....

8(8.63)miles. 48 degrees. SM 446

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