Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A kind of boring run on the treadmill tonight. Just put a movie on and got to work. I counted steps to pass the time. Felt pretty good although on the treadmill a 7:30 feels way harder than on the roads. Treadmills aren't the best equivalent for running, but they mimic the action well enough. I'm glad I bought the treadmill. It was nice not having run in the 16 mph wind and thunderstorms tonight (although I would have contended with the wind).

Today was a boring day I was just lagging behind at work. I'm glad I got my run in because all I could think about was going home and taking a nap.

8(8.55)miles. Treadmill. GM 191


Ann said...

Really awful wind and rain here. Hope you enjoyed your movie.

Ron said...

The problem with movies is I can't hear them unless the sound is all the way up so loud that it's not healthy. So I just watch the action. The movie choice was "the one" with jet li. I'm not sure what the story line was, but there was plenty of cool slow motion stuff.