Friday, January 18, 2008


No, not me, anyone who might stumble on this humble little blog. My silver shoes have been put out to pasture. They are now moving to the slow retirement home. Went past the 500 mile mark. Pretty fun stuff. I've never kept track of miles before, but I would say it was well worth the effort. I'm not entirely sold on the idea that a pair of shoes has a limited number of miles, at least not these. They still seem to have a lot of bounce, but not in the forefoot area and that is where some of my right foot pain had been coming from. I will continue keeping notes on my condition and feeling and see if the next few weeks with newer shoes makes any difference.

Legs are still not fully recovered, but they are certainly getting there. A few short 5 milers tomorrow I think should do nicely, then bball on sunday and running will be played by ear. Moving the long run to Monday, then the week will be comploded and I'll hardly be able to walk. Fun stuff.

8(8.5)miles. 40 degrees. SM 504-retired

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Ann said...

Good bye silver shoes.