Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First of many.

Nike is having maintenance on their site right now so no graph. But I'll still let you know how the run went I guess. Started off with killer pain in the left leg. It was so tight I could hardly get it off the ground. I read back through my log and found the culprit. Last week it was sore and hasn't had enough chance to recover. The good part is it was only sore for 5 miles, then loosened up and I could run with relatively little tightness at all. But those first 5, man, I felt like was dragging that leg along with me.

I am getting excited about running again. I'm so tired of seeing my old PR's and can't wait for a new race. The good news, only 1 month till my next 10k!!! Man I gotta start climbing some hills round here. Well I did today, thats for sure. A nice long 10 miles with 3 trips up the HH. The awesome part is I'm getting better at hills. I've found a way to conserve energy and still maintain a nice pace coupled with consistent breathing. Most of the action comes from the ankle, allowing some of the larger muscles to rest. It got a lot colder when the sun set. It was nice at 37 degrees in the sun, but once the sun went down behind the trees it dropped by about 5 degrees. I did my 7:00 cooldown on the treadmill inside. I enjoy doing that because it just feels like I'm not completely abusing myself that way. Almost...almost like I'm taking care of my body. Too bad my toe's can't say the same.

The track meeting went well. It was over in a heartbeat. Coach Jacobs is to the point and gets stuff done, thats a definite. I kind of like that, but I hope I get to do some stuff to : ) Oh in case you were wondering about the title I named it that because I put in a lot of 8's, now I hope to put in a lot of 10's in the next month. 13 miles is going to be a walk in the park... (Except for the running it part, and only a portion through an actual park).

10(10.60)miles. 37-33 degrees. SM 484

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