Sunday, January 13, 2008


April and I tried out a new church today. It is pretty close to the house and we've been wondering about for a little while. We liked it okay and are willing to give it a chance. While we were leaving I saw a sign up sheet for a league and figured I'd join since I haven't played basketball (in any form) for 4 or 5 years now. On the way out I saw a man who was taking the list and figured I'd say something to him. His name was Steven and he was really nice. He told me he was making the teams today and that there was an open gym later and I was welcome to come. I grew excited at the notion of basketball in any form and told him I'd probably come.

Today was April's sisters birthday, so we hung out with her and grandpa at our house for a while and ate subway. After that I said my goodbyes and booked it to the gym since they were playing 2 hours and I was already nearly an hour late. Things went well I started off doing really good. I was always good at basketball, and I still had a few moves left from the hibernation. In fact I may have gotten better somehow. I had a few steals, lots of boards, but unfortunately I'm not the shooter I was. I used to record how many shots I would make since I was in 4th grade. So yeah mostly just layups. It was a lot of fun and I think I may have impressed or surprised a few people. Of course my calves are raging since I've been running so much, so it probably looked like I played everyday.

We ended a little early so I got a good 45 minutes in. I was breathing HARD. I could feel my pulse and worked up a really good sweat since I played the entire time we were there and it was full court too. There are more opportunities to play and I will take them. Sure I risk injury, but it is fun and something different I can add to the schedule to keep things fresh. It also is a heck of a VO2 max workout.

Got home and put in another 6 miles. My right hip jolted yesterday. I would say popped, but it wasn't that drastic. Today it is sore at the hip connection. The best way I can explain the pain is to stand on your right foot then lean your upper body to the left. where you feel the hip jut out is what happened yesterday, only at 7:00 pace on one of the friggen cul de sacs. I am really growing to hate them. Not so much running wise, but risk of injury wise.

6(6.6)miles. 46 degrees. SM 466

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