Monday, January 28, 2008


Fresh legs a day after basketball and 9 miles on top?? You heard it here first folks, it is possible. Surprisingly my legs were turning over at an amazing ratio. I felt free again. It has been a long time since I've had an awesome run. At least it feels that way. The stitch in my calf appears to have disappeared, which was nice. Unfortunately there are two things left to overcome. The searing burning throbbing pain at my big toe connection on my right foot, and the annoying slight pain on sharp turns in my left ankle. The first one worries me the most. It may be some sort of stress fracture, but the pain is come and go. And when it comes, I can barely take it. I just wince and after a few minutes it's gone and I can return to peaceful land.

So yeah, nothing short of an awesome run. One awesome thing was yesterday there were some high school kids on the top of the HH. They saw me run by and yelled at me. Things like, RUN RUN RUN, and "you'll never make it". That was very motivational to me. Today the complete opposite motivation showed it's head. An older gentleman was taking his trash out and looked me dead in the eye and said "You are an inspiration". I smiled real big and waved back. I wanted to say something but I was halfway by and only wanted to respond if I could muster something equally valuable. Man for the next mile I felt AMAZING. I already felt AWESOME before that, but it just made the run better. So good that I had to slow down to normal pace again. I am running easier nowadays.

So that was friggin cool. I have been running in the hood for a long time, and only two people have really talked to me. But today tops all. I hate to say it, but I'd rather not run here anymore because nothing is going to top that. But I will continue.

If the legs continue their recovery I'm in line for a Thursday/Friday hill workout consisting of 4-6 hills plus easy miles. Sunday is supposed to be a long run, but I don't see it. We met the youth pastor at church and we're having dinner with him and his fiance, add basketball on top and it's kind of hopeless for a 3 hour run. I haven't checked the school sched. but I believe we have a day off in February at the beginning. That may be a perfect postpone day for it. I really need those runs. Psychologically more than physically at this point.

10(11)miles. 50 degrees calm. GM 183


KdoubleA said...

Nice blog! That story about the dude taking out his trash is a good one! I think you're right, it's going to be hard to top that.

Keep up the good running!

Marcus Grimm said...

Good post.

"I hate to say it, but I'd rather not run here anymore because nothing is going to top that."

I go through that a lot - after a good run or a great race it's sometimes hard to keep going because you know it's going to be a while til you feel that great again.

But eventually, I miss the good days, so it's time to hunt 'em down again. :)

Ron said...

I guess you could call my blog a secondary source of motivation. The more the merrier.

thanks for the comments!