Friday, January 4, 2008

awesome 8

I think today was just a good day for me. First I don't have school, so today was just total relaxation. I cleaned up the house and played a game on the computer for a few minutes. I was fully prepared to go outside and run. I had set up times to have things done by. So already things were going well. The run was good. I almost went down to the track, but didn't feel like wasting gas money, plus I could run right away. So I headed out and did my normal loop. Today the pace was real good. The feet were getting off the ground quickly and I could feel myself running as one whole. A lot of running guides say you should be vertically aligned, and I assume the feeling I had to today is that. It's hard to identify good form for 2 reasons. 1 you can't see yourself and 2 "good form" is subjective and could vary from person to person.

Around 3 miles I was really going well and had just started my second loop. Actually I was already at the top of the HH again, which is 1 mile past my start (the house). So I knew it was going well. On and on the pace just kept coming and it was another day that I felt "awesome". I just never had to search for air and the legs didn't get tired. Even at the end of the run when I was just throwing energy away on accelerations I felt good. I had 8 on the calendar so that is where i hung it up. Now that I think about it, I may have run well because of the weather. It was a nice 43 degrees today, and has been a lot colder. That probably made it a lot easier to breathe in. I read an article in RW that said something like 36-52 degrees is pretty much optimal. Looks that holds true today.

8(8.5)miles. 45 degrees. GM 116

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